04. Knock Knock (Genes x Environment + Kindness)

Knock Knock is a Gothic horror story which starts out looking like a classic haunted house tale, complete with a creepy landlord and spooky old house noises. However, instead of ghosts, the house is full of alien insects that consume Bill’s unsuspecting roommates into the wood of the house. The insects are controlled by the … Continue reading 04. Knock Knock (Genes x Environment + Kindness)


01. The Pilot (Kindness Takes Flight)

My adoration of this episode is only topped by my newfound adoration of Bill. Highlights were Bill’s insightful and witty questioning (“Why do you run like that? Like a penguin with its arse on fire?”), the Doctor’s dramatically majestic unveiling of the TARDIS, and the wide range of genuine emotions felt. The bathroom scene was … Continue reading 01. The Pilot (Kindness Takes Flight)